Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui De Zheng, Ming Chen

Abstract: Each of tasks within the application depends on multiple datasets that may be distributed anywhere within the Content-Based Networking. This...

Authors: Shi Guo Liang, Ou Yang Yi, Hui Wang

Abstract: A fast multi-layer 3d reconstruction algorithm is proposed to realize 3d body surface layer. Based on multi-layer surface reconstructing the...

Authors: Wen Shan Wei, Xian Xiao Meng, Hai Hua Li

Abstract: Discuss the network security of distance education, analyze the digital signature technology of network security authentication in distance...

Authors: Ying Yang

Abstract: Performance of college badminton team is affected by the quality of mental adaptability and great influence, sports team strong physique...

Authors: Xiao Xia Yang, Xiao Ping Zhang, Min Yan

Abstract: The fuzzy synthesis judgment is a very effective multi-factor decision method to make the comprehensive appraisal to the things affected by...

Authors: Wei Wang, Hui Yan Wang, Shen Jie Jia, Shi Min Wei

Abstract: To obtain the optimal path in a unknown disaster field,a rescue robot needs to build an environment map. The information of the disaster...

Authors: Pei Feng Wang, Shang Meng, Ji Chao Wang

Abstract: The paper introduces the basic principle of network intrusion detection technology and the application of fuzzy logical in IDS. It involves...

Authors: Juan Wang

Abstract: Traveltime calculation has been applied in many project extensively such as earthquake simulation, prestack migration, tomographic imaging,...

Authors: Qi Shen Zhu

Abstract: Now, Internal and external vehicles are artificially queried and identified by a specially-assigned person in most of schools and...

Authors: Xiu Wei Zhang, Yan Ning Zhang, Jing Zhao

Abstract: Multi-sensor registration is an important and basic problem of intelligent surveillance. A novel visual-thermal image sequence registration...


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