Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Juan Zhang, Jin Hua Yang, Xiao Kun Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a new image mosaic algorithm is proposed by studying the advantages and disadvantages of existing image mosaic algorithm....

Authors: Shan Xiong Chen, Mao Ling Pen

Abstract: Service Software Bus (SSB) is a service-oriented software bus. Based on theory basis of existing general software and combing with loosely...

Authors: Jian Li Liu, Bao Qi Zuo

Abstract: In this paper, a novel wavelet based contourlet transform for texture extraction is presented. In the texture analysis section, we propose a...

Authors: Wen Hui Li

Abstract: The vehicle control instruments based on 8051 SCM was mainly made of three sub-system modules: password protection system, alcohol detection...

Authors: Cai Ying Zhou, Long Jun Huang

Abstract: Apply PHP and MVC techniques and utilize the sophisiticated and easy-to-use facilities of template engines to realize the way to separate...

Authors: Hong Liu

Abstract: This document explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for Trans Tech Publications. The best is to read these...

Authors: Qin Jun Du, Le Ping Li, Bin Dai

Abstract: This document The visual is the main senses of human to capture the information, is also considered the most important apperceive component...

Authors: Shen Bao Chen

Abstract: In the increasingly competitive environment, in order to effectively preserve the user, preventing customer churn, increase sales of...

Authors: Song Jie Gong

Abstract: The growth of Web information resources leads the phenomenon of information overload and resources disorientation. In order to adapt to the...

Authors: Ying Ming Li

Abstract: Many regional higher education institutes (mainly be regional university) have been founded from 1998 in China. From 2006, most of those...


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