Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Ming Li

Abstract: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Penetrates into All Aspects of Industrial Production Worldwide. with Time Passed, ICT Has...

Authors: Yan Hui Chen

Abstract: Many regional higher education institutes (mainly regional university) promoted to be comprehensive regional higher education institutes...

Authors: Chang Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Firstly, the concept of simplified information system is introduced, the notion of simplified discerniblity matrix is put forward and the...

Authors: Bing Jie Zhao, Chao Jian Shi

Abstract: This article introduced the wireless sensor network's definition and the structure, in view of the route, the energy, the cross level design...

Authors: Hong Bo Sun, Gang Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, we analysis vehicle power batteries of the small electric cars, especially on its changes in charge characteristics and...

Authors: Zhi Feng Liu, Peng Qiao, Wen Tong Yang, Jian Hua Wang

Abstract: Hybrid flow shop (HFS), as a production organization mode with characteristics of high flexibility, low cost and quick replacement job, has...

Authors: Long Jun Huang, Cai Ying Zhou, Hui Zi Wu

Abstract: There are many problems in content management system, including information collection, re-use resources, knowledge management, portal,...

Authors: Jiang Hong

Abstract: In this paper, we set risk attitude into decision making research for the supply chain manage. We focus on the information management. We...

Authors: You Gui Guo, Ping Zeng, Jie Qiong Zhu, Li Juan Li, Wen Lang Deng, Frede Blaabjerg

Abstract: PLECS is used to model the diode clamping three-level inverter connected to grid and good results are obtained. First the output voltage SVM...

Authors: Jian Yang Zhou, Yin Tao Yang, Yi Liang Wu

Abstract: This paper first introduces the history and research status of motion-blurred image restoration, and then establishes a rotating image...


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