Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Fu Li, Ying Sheng Su

Abstract: In this paper, the neural network is used to improve the structure of assets allocation of index tracking portfolio. The empirical results...

Authors: Yu Gao, Xiao Qiu Yao, Tong Jun Li

Abstract: Reviewing the history of software development, software development ideas and methods have always been in evolution, growing out of nothing...

Authors: Ming Tang Tsai, Chien Hung Chen

Abstract: In this paper, a forecasting system of electric price is proposed to predict the short-term electric prices for avoiding the risk due to the...

Authors: Zhi Hua Qu, Li Hai Wang

Abstract: The lignin as a main component of wood, its content is an important chemical property of wood materials, it has an great effect on the other...

Authors: Yuan Chih Yu, Shing Chern D. You, Dwen Ren Tsai

Abstract: Histogram thresholding has been widely used for image processing—it is simple, fast, and computationally inexpensive. In this paper, we...

Authors: Si Tong Sun, An Gang Tian, De Cai Zhuang

Abstract: In this paper, by using EDA technology, Quartus II6.0 working platform and VHDL hardware description language, an electronic code lock based...

Authors: Wei Lin, Zhe Li, Wen Chen, Jing Zhou

Abstract: A piezoelectric generator based on the piezoelectric stacked elements is applied to realize electro- mechanical energy conversion in this...

Authors: Xian Ying Huang, Wei Wei Chen

Abstract: Considering the expansion, stability and the maneuverability of a search engine, a modular search engine based on the combination of...

Authors: Cheng Hai Yu, Wei Qiang Xu, Ya Ming Wang, Liang Gui Liu, Yun Hua Zhang

Abstract: Handover management with Quality of Service (QoS) provision is the major challenge for the seamless mobility across heterogeneous wireless...

Authors: Xiao Juan Al, Liang Bai

Abstract: Small hydropower is a kind of clean and non-carbonate energy, which is rich in resources and environmentally friendly. Not only is the small...


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