Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lian Qiang Niu, Zong Yang Huang, Xin Chen

Abstract: A basic scan conversion for straight line and two developed algorithms are proposed in this paper. Different from other proposed algorithms,...

Authors: Li Juan Ma, Yun Juan Liang, Shi Yong Li, Yong Huang

Abstract: Chest Card recognition system is to use computer image analysis, extract effective chest card information, used to judge the chest card...

Authors: Wei Wang, Jian Hua Ren, Jian Guo Ren

Abstract: The design of a new style GPRS DTU with its software and hardware is proposed. The Rabbit Semiconductor industrial Rabbit 3000 is used as...

Authors: Wei Cui, Bao Gang Zhao, Yang Liu, Si Yu Qian, Jia Ye, Hai Feng Yang, Ya Jun Li

Abstract: This article has been supported by Chinese National Natural Science Fund in 2010, “Strategy research of using supply chain partner’s...

Authors: Chao Zhang

Abstract: At present, in many developed countries, the library reference system is already very mature, and achieve a higher level of application....

Authors: Xia Jun Ding, Xiao Dan Jiang, Yue Zhai Zheng

Abstract: To implement e-commerce, the key issue is to ensure that the security of system on entire business process, primarily through encryption,...

Authors: Tong Rang Fan, Hong Yong Guo, Yan Jing Li

Abstract: The current research in access control is analyzed, and the features of access control in collaborative design systems are discussed....

Authors: Ping Rui Wang

Abstract: Based on the present situation of labs construction and management, we introducing two ways to enhance the investment, labs management...

Authors: Feng Hu, Xi Chen, Xiao Yan Wang, Chuan Jiang Luo

Abstract: Knowledge reduction is one of the most important contributions of rough set theory. High efficient algorithm is necessary for attribute...

Authors: Chi Pin Wei, Zhao Lin Li, Hao Liu, Zhi Xiang Chen

Abstract: Embedded systems with digital signal processor (DSP) become more and more popular for the increasing requirement of supercomputing these...


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