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Volume 267

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Authors: Dong Man Yu, Bao Zhong Qu, Zhi Hua Gao, Di Wang
Abstract: As a modern design method that contrary to traditional design, RE technology use of special measuring apparatus to get dimensional data and enables one to start a design from an existing production model by combining computer technology, measurement technology and CAD/CAM technology. Firstly, The author has list the important application fields of RE technology, and then divided the RE process into four steps and described the detailed working flowchart. The data acquisition procedure includes datum-points creation and model measurement. For the threedimensional coordinate measuring machine, a contact measurement, the measuring method and working principal is deep discussed. As to the acquired data, the data processing should also be operated to meet the technique requirement, which consists of data splicing, noise eliminating, data interpolating, data smoothing and data filtering. Finally, the author summarized the surface reconstruction technology with the well data and assumed the RE technology will have more extensively application in mechanical fields.
Authors: Sung Gyu Kim, Byung Joo Park
Abstract: This paper proposes a solution for solving packet loss and out-of-sequence problems in standard Hierarchical MIPv6. These days, the need for Mobile IPTV on Wireless devices which provide IPTV is rapidly increasing. Due to the development of Internet-based IPTV and wireless devices using an increased Mobile network, which uses mobile devices, handovers during movement are bound to be inevitable. Standard MIPv6 (Mobile IPv6) in the event of a handover needs more time to process which will lead to problems, such as packet loss and the out-of-sequence problems. For these reasons, providing wireless services is more difficult than providing wired services. To solve these problems, many protocols have been developed, but a lot of challenges still remain to be solved. We proposed a scheme to solve the packet loss and packet out-of-sequence problems and it also focused on providing better services for Mobile IPTV. We used HMIPv6 (Hierarchical Mobile IPv6) for improvement of handover procedures.
Authors: Byung Joo Park, Farkhod A. Alisherov, Byeong Yun Chang
Abstract: Using a hierarchy that differentiates local mobility from global mobility is more appropriate to the Internet because it improves handoff performance, minimizes the loss of packets that may occur during transition and significantly reduces the mobility management signaling load on the Internet. But the only disadvantage of the Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 is that Mobility Anchor Point are sometimes "far away" and there is too much signaling from the mobile node. This paper assumes a new messaging architecture for the Hierarchical Mobile IPv6, which can shorten the signaling from the mobile node and minimize the handoff latency.
Authors: Ju Li, Wei Yuan Tu, Jian Zhou, Xing Wang, Wei Zhang
Abstract: With the improvement of management and internet technologies, simple document management can not meet the requirements. This paper presents a framework for office automation system of network, It is applied to the school office automation. And it discussed some development techniques of the ASP. NET, which is applied to this system.
Authors: Ju Li, Bei Zhou, Xing Wang, Wei Zhang, Jie Wen
Abstract: At present, people of several major diseases that threaten human diagnosis and treatment is extremely limited, including diabetes and its complications. These diseases a great deal of pain and heavy burden to human beings. For early detection, early treatment, this paper constructed a prediction model of diabetic complications using rough set and developed a CAD system, the experiments show that the proposed rule extraction method is feasible and effective.
Authors: Ju Li, Jin Yi Chang, Xing Wang, Xiao Biao Wu
Abstract: In this thesis, the risk of debris flow have been studied. And it used feature selection based on rough set to construct debris flow hazard assessment model.The innovation of this thesis is:the on the basis of without losing effective information,it greatly simplified the evaluation process,the debris flow hazard assessment which is gotten by the research methods results consistent with the geological prototyping.
Authors: Wu Chu Tang, Jun Xie
Abstract: Each of tasks within the application depends on multiple datasets that may be distributed anywhere within the Cloud Computing. This paper defines the problem of scheduling distributed data-intensive application on to Gird resource and presents a formal resource and application model for the problem.
Authors: Li Qiang Zheng, Alan Mathewson, Brendan O'Flynn, Michael Hayes, Cian O'Mathuna
Abstract: Return loss of wireless sensor network (WSN) node indicates the impedance matching between signal ports of the RF chip and the antenna, and thus shows the transmission efficiency in the signal path. All circuit components, including capacitors, inductors, PCB tracks, packaging parasitic and RF ports were modeled as equivalent passives, to achieve accurate simulation result of return loss of the WSN node. An optimization methodology of return loss was proposed based on the parameter sweep of the equivalent passive network simulation. With the help of the methodology, some critical components’ values were changed to obtain optimized RF performance for the wireless node. Measurements matched the analysis and simulation well and showed great improvement.
Authors: He Jin Yuan, Cui Ru Wang, Jun Liu
Abstract: A novel semi-supervised algorithm based on co-training is proposed in this paper. In the method, the motion energy history image are used as the different feature representation of human action; then the co-training based semi-supervised learning algorithm is utilized to predict the category of unlabeled training examples. And the average motion energy and history images are calculated as the recognition model for each category action. When recognition, the observed action is firstly classified through its correlation coefficients to the prior established templates respectively; then its final category is determined according to the consistency between the classification results of motion energy and motion history images. The experiments on Weizmann dataset demonstrate that our method is effective for human action recognition.
Authors: Xiao Ping Zhang, Mei Hua Zhao
Abstract: The management of garment assembly line is the most important link in garment production, and thereinto the workstage synchronizing of assembly line is a complex and changeable process which not only need aplenty knowledge and nimble judge of experts, but also involves a good deal of repetitive thinking process. This text arranges garment assembly line intelligently on the basis of expert system, develops quick and efficient arrange system of workstage synchronizing, and use intelligence to reach requirement of quick response.

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