Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Hua Zhang, Li Min Jia, Zhong Li

Abstract: To satisfy McWiLL communication requirement in noisy environment, a far field noise suppression method based on double uni-direction...

Authors: Xiang Tong Yan

Abstract: A lot of information needs to be processed in the MEMS design process, but this information lack the unified expression format at present....

Authors: Yong Xu, Xiang Tao Li

Abstract: The fourth-party mobile payment model aims at solving problems of benefit distribution, resource conflict, regulation, tax, technical...

Authors: Xiao Lin Zhang, Wan Li Wang, Xiao Qi Lv

Abstract: Medical digital image information storage standard and existing heterogeneous database technology were analyzed with view to the...

Authors: Cheng Mao Li, Xiao Yu Huang

Abstract: Iteration, the fractal dimension and self-similarity cause the complexity, the uncertainty of fractal art and the diversity of sorts. By...

Authors: Wei Cui, Yang Liu, Yan Lin, Si Yu Qian, Jia Ye, Hai Feng Yang, Ya Jun Li

Abstract: It analyzed Chinese talent demand character and present training problems in software outsourcing. Detail training mode was discussed. This...

Authors: Lin Kang, Cheng Mao Li

Abstract: All in all, graphic-design has a wide use in newspapers, magazines, books, symbol, advertisements, packing and many other media. It is to...

Authors: Yong Li, Hao Jie Sun

Abstract: Endowed by nature, Turpan in Xinjiang, China enjoys rich tourism resources. Since the united marketing company for Turpan area was founded...

Authors: Jun Liu, Cheng Mao Li

Abstract: Graphic design is an art with a specific purpose; it is a process of describing a business or product with art. In this process, color,...

Authors: Xiao Ling Li

Abstract: Large forest fires are very hazardous and often cause greater losses. However, due to the vast coverage of forests and the environmental...


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