Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rong Fa Tang, Xiao Yu Huang

Abstract: Trust is the most important issue to create relationship making value in knowledge sharing. Knowledge itself cannot lead to a success, as...

Authors: Meng Li, Xin Yuan Huang, Tie Jun Zheng

Abstract: After1970s, digital technology was introduced into movie making industry, filling new elements to movie industry, expanding expression space...

Authors: Wei Cui, Si Yu Qian, Yan Lin, Jia Ye, Yang Liu, Hai Feng Yang, Ya Jun Li

Abstract: The software industry needs a large number of software professionals. However, the majority content that students in schools have learned is...

Authors: Wei Cui, Jia Ye, Yan Lin, Si Yu Qian, Yang Liu, Hai Feng Yang, Ya Jun Li

Abstract: With the current domestic software outsourcing business with Japan's rise of a large number of outsourcing projects from Japan such as NEC,...

Authors: Dong Xing Bao, Xiao Ming Li, Yi Zhong Xin, Xiang Shi Ren

Abstract: In this paper, we designed two experiments that can be used to investigate: 1) whether pen-based input operation can be affected by tilt...

Authors: Zhi Wei Yu, Zhong Yuan Ji

Abstract: Information systems security is important for the day-to-day operations of business process. The current business process modeling can’t...

Authors: Zhenya Wang, Song Hao, Hui Hui Shi

Abstract: Unprecedented challenges arehas been facinging by the traditional industrial design methods, shortening the product development cycle and...

Authors: Rong Fa Tang, Xiao Yu Huang

Abstract: Requirements engineering is the initial phase of software engineering process in which user requirements are collected, understood, and...

Authors: Hui Yan Qu, Wei Zhao

Abstract: The principle of Maximum Matching Method (MM) is “First Matching the Maximum Word-Length”. At present, however, the method of Maximum...

Authors: Hong Chun Sun

Abstract: In this paper, we establish a error bound for the generalized linear complementtarity problem in engineering modeling(GLCP)which can be...


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