Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Zhou, Hong Ze Xu, Meng Nan Zhang

Abstract: Reducing the traction energy consumption plays an important role in railway energy saving. Viewed from the present research situation--the...

Authors: Jiang Tian Shi, De Xin Sun, Hong Zhuang Zhang

Abstract: Mechanical structure of three degree of freedoms SCARA robot adopts horizontal joints, and opening PMAC multitude axis motion controller...

Authors: Hsin Hung Kuo, Szu Wei Yang, Yu Chin Kuo

Abstract: This research aims to integrate the character education, Internet and animated vignettes into the Character Animated Vignette Electronic...

Authors: Guo Jie Zhao, Li Jie Jia, Tie Feng Ma

Abstract: Based on an annual panel for the western cities in China and system GMM method, this paper build the spatial econometric models to analyze...

Authors: Ai Hua Wu, Tian Fu Li

Abstract: Product platform is a set of subsystems and interfaces that form a common structure from which a stream of related products can be...

Authors: Tai Le Peng, You Dong Ding, Chang Jie Zhu

Abstract: Loss of image features are leaded by Regions with too bright or too dark of image with noise. An adaptive and nonlinear algorithm for color...

Authors: Xiang Hua Chen, Xi Fan Shi

Abstract: It is of great significance to digitize ancient paintings and calligraphy. A typical way to acquire them is using a linear CCD based large...

Authors: Rui Xin Ma, Gui Shi Deng, Xiao Wang

Abstract: SNS provides us with a brand new platform to communicate, interact and share. To better suit the need of scholars to get more authoritative...

Authors: Ru Jiang Bai, Xiao Yue Wang, Xiao Fan Yu

Abstract: This paper introduces the major and general domestic and foreign ontology libraries: WordNet、DBpedia、Cyc and HowNet, and the more successful...

Authors: Chien Yu Lin, Ho Hsiu Lin, Yen Huai Jen, Li Chih Wang, Ling Wei Chang

Abstract: This research focuses on designing low-cost aids in teaching materials, to help children with developmental disabilities. Using flash...


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