Manufacturing Systems and Industry Application

Volume 267

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Guo, Jie Zhu, Jiu Liu, Li Zhou

Abstract: When designing signal generator with adjustable frequency based on direct digital synthesis technology (DDS), it is very important to...

Authors: Wei Gao, Yun Gang Zhang, Li Liang

Abstract: In this paper, the stability of local transductive regression algorithms is studied by adopting a strategy which adjusts the sample set by...

Authors: Yang Li, Bai Hong Tan

Abstract: Data stream clustering is an important issue in data steam mining. In the field of data stream analysis, conventional methods seem not quite...

Authors: Yuan Qiang Chen

Abstract: This paper investigates stability and synchronization problems for delayed unified chaotic system with parameter uncertainty by employing...

Authors: Wei Gao, Yun Gang Zhang

Abstract: The quality of ranking determines the success or failure of information retrieval and the goal of ranking is to learn a real-valued ranking...

Authors: Nan Quan Zhou

Abstract: The paper presents a P-wave detection algorithm based on fitting function in the optimal interval. In the algorithm we used quadratic...

Authors: Jin Yan Shi, Xue Li, Yan Xi Li

Abstract: Accurate stock price predicting is a key problem to the financial field. Comparing with the traditional stock price predicting models such...

Authors: Xiao Bo Guo, Yan Zhai

Abstract: The paper introduces the structure of telerehabilitation robot system based on network. The detailed design and implementation of the...

Authors: Wei Zhao, Fei Li

Abstract: We present an efficient stochastic collision detection based on surface simplification and particle swam optimization (PSO). In this...

Authors: Li Gang Fang, Zhao Bin Liu, Hong Li Li, Cai Dong Gu, Min Li Dai

Abstract: The study introduced foreign and domestic situation of wireless sensor network technology in precision agriculture in detail. Applications...


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