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Authors: Fang Jun Kuang, Wei Hong Xu, Yan Hua Wang
Abstract:An efficient watershed algorithm is proposed in order to solve the problem that touching rice is difficult to process during consequent image...
Authors: Chao Fan, Tie Jun Yang, Hong Liang Fu, Yi Tao Liang
Abstract:To measure the sub-pixel image motion of the sequence images which are captured by the high-speed camera at the high frame rate with poor...
Authors: Qiu Ling Chen, Lin Wan, Qiu Ling Chen, Meng Zhang
Abstract:. Fe3O4 nanoparticles were synthesized and doped into two glass systems (Na2O-B2O3 glass and PbO-Bi2O3-B2O3-GeO2 glasses) at low...
Authors: Jian Shu Gao, Tao Yang, Zhi Jing Yu
Abstract:With the aim to remove the unwanted feature points, template matching algorithm which includes pixel-coherence and fixed structure is...
Authors: Zhang Shu Xiao, Chong Xun Zheng
Abstract:Many methods have been developed to remove image noises with wavelet. Here, the combination of those methods is considered to construct a new...
Authors: Ying Chen, Yuan Ning Liu, Jing Liu, Fei He
Abstract:Through analysis of the current version of relationship models, the paper presents the short points of them and develops a new PDM...
Authors: Ilhan Asiltürk, Levent Çelik, Eyüb Canli, Gürol Önal
Abstract:Grinding is a widely used manufacturing method in state of art industry. By realizing needs of manufacturers, grinding parameters must be...
Authors: Qing Hua Li, Yi Wang, Yang Pang
Abstract:An improved gain principle component analysis(PCA) algorithm is proposed for detecting the small deviation fault of the inertial sensor data....
Authors: Run Sheng Tang, Tian Ming Zhang, Hao Zhong
Abstract:To investigate the optical performance of vertical single-axis tracked solar panels with the tilt-angle of solar panels being seasonally...
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