Reliability-Based Design and Heuristic Optimization MPSO-SA of Structures


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In this paper, we present a probability study about spring of clutch structure. In the structure problems, the randomness and the uncertainties of the distribution of the structural parameters are a crucial problem. In the case of Reliability Based Design Optimization (RBDO), it is the objective is to play a dominant role in the structural optimization problem introducing the reliability concept. The RBDO problem is often formulated as a minimization of the initial structural cost under constraints imposed on the values of elemental reliability indices corresponding to various limit states. This paper proposes a new method for a modified particle swarm optimization algorithm (MPSO) combined with a simulated annealing algorithm (SA) and RBDO. MPSO is known as an efficient approach with a high performance of solving optimization problems in many research fields. It is a population intelligence algorithm inspired by social behavior simulations of bird flocking. Numerical results show the robustness of the MPSO-SA algorithm and RBDO.



Edited by:

Moussa Karama






N. Elhami et al., "Reliability-Based Design and Heuristic Optimization MPSO-SA of Structures", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 274, pp. 91-100, 2011

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July 2011




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