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Authors: Fatima Madi Arous, Amina Mataoui, Abdellali Terfous, Abdellah Guenaim
Abstract:The simulation of a turbulent wall jet flow over a rectangular cavity is realised by the low Re stress-omega model. FLUENT 6.3 CFD code was...
Authors: R. Allouche, R. Haoui, J.D. Parisse, R. Renane
Abstract:This work consists of the numerical simulation of high enthalpy flows. The numerical model is governed by Euler equations and supplemented by...
Authors: R. Renane, Olivier Serro-Guillaume, A. Nour, R. Allouche
Abstract:The aim of our work is to contribute to the analysis of the structure of laminar premixed Methane-Air flames using two methods. This allows...
Authors: Mourad Gareche, Noureddine Zeraibi, Ahmed Allal
Abstract:In this article, we demonstrate how the non ionic polymer, the polyethylene oxide (PEO) with molecular weight 6000 g/mol of varying...
Authors: I. Boumrar, A. Ouibrahim
Abstract:Experiments were conducted on thin delta wings to investigate, for subsonic flow, the effect of both privileged apex angle values and the...
Authors: Hamza Gouidmi, Abdelhadi Beghidja, Mohamadi Said, Razik Benderradji
Abstract:We are interested In this study to the interaction between oblique shock wave, induced by a surface of a supersonic nozzle with an angle of...
Authors: A. Ghomrassi Hadhri, Hatem Mhiri, G. Lepalec, P. Bournot
Abstract:In the present work, we conducted a numerical simulation of flow and sediment transport and deposition in a meandering river. The...
Authors: Amar Berkache, Rabah Dizene
Abstract:A numerical simulation is used to evaluate the curvature effects of the wall on features of the interaction between discrete jets and cross...
Authors: Ange Kongo Kondé, Iulian Rosu, F. Lebon, L. Seguin, Olivier Brardo, Florian Troude, Bernard Devésa
Abstract:This paper presents a finite element model for the simulation of aircraft tire rolling. Large deformations, material incompressibility,...
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