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Authors: K. Zarrabi, W.W. Lu, A.K. Hellier
Abstract:This paper proposes a new three-layer artificial neural network (ANN) to predict the fatigue crack length under constant amplitude mode I...
Authors: K. Zarrabi, A. Karpour, A.K. Hellier
Abstract:Fracture studies of components involving mode III loading are rare. This paper concentrates on mixed-modes I, II and III fracture testing of...
Authors: Chris Wallbrink, Wei Ping Hu
Abstract:To date the analysis of fatigue crack growth from an open hole subjected to contained cyclic plastic deformation is problematic due to...
Authors: Naoya Shomura, Keiji Yanase, Hisao Matsunaga, Masahiro Endo
Abstract:The near-threshold fatigue behavior of small, semi-elliptical surface cracks in a bearing steel was investigated under cyclic shear-mode...
Authors: C.K. Seal, M.A. Hodgson, W. George Ferguson
Abstract:During the mid 1990s earthquakes in Northridge, California, and Kobe, Japan, illustrated a lack of understanding of the behaviour of...
Authors: Masahiro Goto, Kazuya Nakashima, Seung Zeon Han, Yuji Yokoho, Kwang Jun Euh, Norio Kawagoishi
Abstract:In order to study the effect of post-ECAP (equal channel angular pressing) mild annealing treatment on fatigue strength of ultrafine grained...
Authors: Richard E. Clegg, Kai Duan, Alan J. McLeod
Abstract:Fatigue failure of metal components containing notches, cracks and other defects has been a very active research topic for well over seven...
Authors: Han Sang Lee, Keun Bong Yoo, Doo Soo Kim, Jae Hoon Kim
Abstract:The rotating components in the hot sections of land-based gas turbine are exposed to severe environment during several ten thousand hours at...
Authors: Kai Duan, Aiden G. Beer, Richard E. Clegg
Abstract:Replication, or repeated tests at the same stress amplitude, is used to provide statistical confidence in life data during the development of...
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