Structural Integrity and Failure, SIF2011

Volume 275

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ryan Mitchell, Andrew B. Short, Timotius Pasang, Guy Littlefair

Abstract: Similar and dissimilar butt joint welds comprising combinations of commercially pure grade 4 titanium (CP-Ti), Ti-6Al-4V (Ti-64) and...

Authors: Asif Rahman, Tadafumi Adschiri, Mohammed Farid

Abstract: Due to the small size of microcapsules (1-1000 µm) used in a large number of applications, the individual rupture force of an individual...

Authors: Fei Chen, Xing Hua Zhan, Chong Wen Zou, Zoran Salcic, Wei Gao

Abstract: A novel silicon-based light emitting structure comprising a lithium doped zinc oxide film and a high energy electrons generating silicon...

Authors: Pascal Lavoie

Abstract: A significant portion of ongoing costs in aluminium smelters comprises of electrolysis cell reconstruction. The cells, also referred as...

Authors: Geun Sub Heo, Oh Hyun Kang, Cheol Woo Park, Sang Ryong Lee, Choon Young Lee

Abstract: In the present study, we have simulated stress characteristics and vibration modes in the back plate of head-stack driving motor of 2.5 inch...

Authors: Graham Clark, Ung Hing Tiong, Aditya Jaya

Abstract: Aircraft joints feature prominently in aircraft structural degradation. Fatigue cracking and corrosion damage can reduce joint strength and...

Authors: Raj Das, Rhys Jones

Abstract: The paper presents application of damage tolerance optimisation principles to the design of industrial components. It is illustrated via...

Authors: Daisuke Yonekura, Yuta Fujie, Hayato Nishii, Hiroshi Yamakawa, Riichi Murakami

Abstract: Tension-tension fatigue tests were performed to examine the influence of post drawing heat treatment on the fatigue properties of drawn...

Authors: Keun Bong Yoo, Han Sang Lee, Doo Soo Kim

Abstract: Many investigations about superalloys and coatings have been done in the laboratory, but evaluating the degradation condition of hot section...

Authors: Keun Bong Yoo, Han Sang Lee, Kyu So Song

Abstract: Gas turbine components operated by hot combustion gas undergo material degradation due to the thermal cycle by daily startup and shutdown....


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