Structural Integrity and Failure, SIF2011

Volume 275

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Yun Zhu, Man Dong

Abstract: Flake copper powder is coated with silver by using a solution containing [Ag(NH3)]+. Factors such as copper particle size distribution,...

Authors: Aamir Mukhtar, De Liang Zhang

Abstract: Nanostructured Cu-(2.5 and 5)vol.%Al2O3 composite powders were produced from a mixture of Cu powder and Al2O3 nanopowder using high energy...

Authors: Young Shik Pyoun, Jeong Hyeon Park, Chang Min Suh, Auezhan Amanov, Jun Hyong Kim

Abstract: Owing to the superior properties of stainless steel it is pertinent to make use of it in various applications of automotive, aerospace,...

Authors: Kyun Tak Kim, Yeong Sik Kim

Abstract: Thermal spray technology provides wear-resistant coating on the surface of mechanical components. In this study, wear characteristics of...

Authors: Yuji Kimura

Abstract: Ni-Ti alloys have been investigated for applying to various surgical procedures. However, little is known about the toxicity of Ni-elements...

Authors: V.N. Nadakuduru, De Liang Zhang, Stella Raynova, Peng Cao, Brian Gabbitas

Abstract: Powder compact forging was used to produce bulk consolidated titanium and Ti-6Al-4V (wt %) and Ti-47Al-2Cr (at%) alloy disks from...

Authors: Bok Hyun Kang, Woo Hyun Lee, Ki Young Kim, Hoon Cho, Jae Soo Noh

Abstract: Cu-2wt.Ag-2wt.%Zr alloy was directionally solidified with different growth rates(V=10-200 um/s) at a constant temperature gradient(G=3.1...

Authors: Stella Raynova, De Liang Zhang, D. Polo, L. Gonthier, W. Egea, V.N. Nadakuduru

Abstract: Induction heating of powder compacts could be a very effective method for metal powder consolidation to get the final product or as an...

Authors: Hui Cai, Ya Ping Wang, Xiao Ping Song, Bing Jun Ding

Abstract: Cu/Si composites may become novel high-performance electronic packaging materials owing to combining the advantages of copper and silicon...

Authors: Lenka Fusova, Pawel Rokicki, Zdeněk Spotz, Karel Saksl, Carsten Siemers

Abstract: Nickel-base superalloys like Alloy 625 are widely used in power generation applications due to their unique properties especially at...


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