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Authors: Eugene Chubenko, Alexey Klyshko, Vitaly Bondarenko, Marco Balucani, Anatoly I. Belous, Victor Malyshev
Abstract:In present work the investigation of the electrochemical and chemical hydrothermal deposition processes of ZnO on silicon is presented. The...
Authors: S.O. Gordienko, A. Nazarov, A.V. Rusavsky, A.V. Vasin, N. Rymarenko, V.G. Stepanov, T.M. Nazarova, V.S. Lysenko
Abstract:This paper presents an analysis of the electrical characteristics of the amorphous silicon carbide films deposited on the SiO2/Si substrate....
Authors: V.P. Popov, L.N. Safronov, O.V. Naumova, D.V. Nikolaev, Yury Nikolaevich Palyvanov, Igor Nikolaevish Kupriyanov
Abstract:Graphitic-diamond heterostructure may be very helpful not only for high frequency or power devices but also for new generation of electronic...
Authors: Andrzej Misiuk, Adam Barcz, Jadwiga Bak-Misiuk, Alexander G. Ulyashin, Przemyslaw Romanowski
Abstract:Hydrogen gettering by implantation-disturbed buried layers in oxygen-implanted silicon (Si:O, prepared by O2+ implantation at energy 200 keV...
Authors: V. Dobrovolsky, Fedir Sizov, S. Cristoloveanu
Abstract:Theoretical model of thin film SOI MISFET based on the gate control of impact ionization avalanche in the drain induced p-n+ junction is...
Authors: A. Kohmyakov, V. Vyurkov
Abstract:A semi-analytical model which is applicable to description of ballistic field-effect transistors with low-dimensional channels is proposed....
Authors: V.P. Popov, M.A. Ilnitsky
Abstract:Mobility degradation during gate length scaling is a well established experimental fact, which is confirmed also by Monte –Carlo simulation....
Authors: Mostafa Emam, M.A. Pavanello, F. Danneville, D. Vanhoenacker-Janvier, Jean Pierre Raskin
Abstract:The effect of elevated temperature on the harmonic distortion in Graded-Channel MOSFETs is presented in this work. The Graded-Channel devices...
Authors: Bodgan Majkusiak, Andrzej Mazurak
Abstract:The paper discusses some issues of modeling the MOS tunnel structure with a gate stack containing a semiconductor quantum well (double...
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