Nanoscaled Semiconductor-on-Insulator Materials, Sensors and Devices

Volume 276

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Y.Y. Gomeniuk, Y.V. Gomeniuk, A. Nazarov, P.K. Hurley, Karim Cherkaoui, Scott Monaghan, Per Erik Hellström, H.D.B. Gottlob, J. Schubert, J.M.J. Lopes

Abstract: The paper presents the results of electrical characterization of MOS capacitors and SOI MOSFETs with novel high-κ LaLuO3 dielectric as a...

Authors: Valeriya Kilchytska, Joaquin Alvarado, Otilia Militaru, Guy Berger, Denis Flandre

Abstract: This work discusses the degradations caused by high-energy neutrons in advanced MOSFETs and compares them with damages created by γ-rays...

Authors: Anatoly Druzhinin, Inna Marymova, Igor Kogut, Yuriy Khoverko

Abstract: The effects of high energy electron irradiation and high magnetic fields (up to 14 T) on the electrical characteristics of recrystallized...

Authors: Umesh Bhaskar, Vikram Passi, Azeem Zulfiqar, Ulf Södervall, Bengt Nilsson, Goran Petersson, Mats Hagberg, Thomas Pardoen, Jean Pierre Raskin

Abstract: A simple and versatile on-chip tensile testing method is proposed for the statistical evaluation of size effects on the mechanical strength...

Authors: Michal Zaborowski, Daniel Tomaszewski, Lidia Łukasiak, A. Jakubowski

Abstract: The presented work is focused on development of silicon wire-based MOS devices. .The original fabrication method has been described....

Authors: I.T. Kogut, A.A. Druzhinin, V.I. Holota

Abstract: Base technology of local 3D SOI-structures formation has been proposed. Using this technology the electrical characteristics were developed...

Authors: Benoit Olbrechts, Bertrand Rue, Thomas Pardoen, Denis Flandre, Jean Pierre Raskin

Abstract: In this paper, novel pressure sensors approach is proposed and described. Active devices and oscillating circuits are directly integrated on...

Authors: A.O. Podolian, V.V. Kuryliuk, A.B. Nadtochiy, S.V. Kondratenko, O.A. Korotchenkov, Yu.N. Kozyrev, V.K. Sklyar, M.Yu. Rubezhanska, V.S. Lysenko

Abstract: An enhanced photovoltage is reported to occur in Ge/Si structures with a SiOx layer having a thickness of 0.5-2 nm and placed between a Si...

Authors: Y.Y. Gomeniuk, Y.V. Gomeniuk, A. Nazarov, V.S. Lysenko, H.J. Osten, A. Laha

Abstract: The paper presents the results of electrical characterization of the interface and bulk properties of high-k Gd2O3 and Nd2O3 dielectrics...

Authors: V.S. Lysenko, Yu.V. Gomeniuk, Yu.N. Kozyrev, M.Yu. Rubezhanska, V.K. Skylar, S.V. Kondratenko, Ye.Ye. Melnichuk, Christian Teichert

Abstract: The results of the experimental studies of the effect of nanoislands on the lateral photoconductivity in structures with Ge nanoislands...


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