A Study of the Weldability of Gamma Prime Hardened Superalloys


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Fusion repair processes such as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) and laser welding have been introduced for repairing turbine parts made from Ni-based superalloy materials. The weld-repair of turbine parts is well established, however, the inherent susceptibility of ’ hardened superalloys to weld cracking remains an issue and has resulted in repair limitations for highly loaded areas of turbine parts. This study presents a view of the weldability of superalloys taking both, the impact of the weld process and the weld filler selection into consideration. This comprises the interpretation of specific process parameters into physical parameters controlling the weldability and cracking sensitivity such as thermal gradient in the weld pool and solidification speed. Alloy specific parameters of the weld filler material, such as melting point and solidification interval are studied and set in correlation with the solidification parameters during welding.



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A. Schnell et al., "A Study of the Weldability of Gamma Prime Hardened Superalloys", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 278, pp. 434-439, 2011

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July 2011


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