Intermetallic Ti-Al-Cr Based Layers and Zirconia Topcoats Deposited on Gamma Titanium Aluminides for Environmental Protection


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. Intermetallic Ti-Al-Cr layers with small additions of Si, Zr, W, and Y were deposited on γ-TiAl specimens using magnetron sputtering. The oxidation behaviour of the coated γ-TiAl alloy was studied in the temperature range between 950 and 1000°C under cyclic oxidation conditions in air. Compared to the bare substrate material, the coatings exhibited higher oxidation resistance. During prolonged exposure the intermetallic layers degraded losing their capability to form a protective alumina scale. On coated γ-TiAl samples zirconia topcoats were deposited by electron beam physical vapour deposition. These thermal barrier coating systems exhibited lifetimes exceeding the maximum exposure length of 1000 1 h cycles at 950°C, but failed at 1000°C. Failure was caused by degradation of the bond coats resulting in spallation of the thermally grown oxides.



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R. Braun et al., "Intermetallic Ti-Al-Cr Based Layers and Zirconia Topcoats Deposited on Gamma Titanium Aluminides for Environmental Protection", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 278, pp. 497-502, 2011

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July 2011


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