Use of Alloy 59 for the Transport of Highly Corrosive Dangerous Goods


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Alloy 59 (NiCr23Mo16Al) with a lot of chromium, molybdenum and nickel possesses excellent resistance not only to reducing but also oxidizing chemicals. Both the Nickel alloy 59 and the superaustenitic steel alloy 31 have already been used as shell materials for tank vehicles or tank containers. Use of these alloys allows the transport of a signifi-cantly more wider variety of chemicals and, especially, waste mixtures than the use of common aus-tenitic steels. Another advantage is the extension of test intervals of for transport tanks. In Germany the “BAM-List – Requirements for Tanks for the Transport of Dangerous Goods” is the basis for substance-related prototype approvals for tank containers designed for the car¬ri¬age of dangerous goods issued by the Federal Institute for Materials Re¬search and Testing (BAM). Com-patibility evaluations of selected metallic material groups as well as polymeric gasket and lining materials under the influence of approximately 7000 dangerous goods and water-polluting sub-stances are published in the BAM-List. Alloy 59 belongs to the group of metallic materials in the BAM-List. Due to the large number of dangerous goods in the BAM-List BAM, IKS Dresden and ThyssenKrupp VDM performed a comprehensive corrosion test programme with welded specimens of the nickel alloy 59 and the superaustenitic steels alloy 926 and alloy 31 in the period 2002 - 2010. Especially In particular alloy 59 and alloy 31 were exposed to a large number of corrosive sub-stances such as various mixtures of both nitric acid/sulphuric acid and nitric acid/phosphoric acid at 55 °C. Other corrosive test substances were different organic and inorganic halogenides, peroxyace-tic acid and molten substances. In the case of molten chemicals such as monochloroacetic acid the test temperature was increased to more than 100 °C. The test results presented in this paper are al-ready included in the 10th edition of the BAM-List and, therefore, available to the customer.



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M. Weltschev and R. Baessler, "Use of Alloy 59 for the Transport of Highly Corrosive Dangerous Goods", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 278, pp. 581-586, 2011

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July 2011


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