Euro Superalloys 2010

Volume 278

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H.T. Pang, R.A. Hobbs, Howard J. Stone, Catherine M.F. Rae

Abstract: The demand for higher engine operating temperatures to improve aeroengine efficiency has meant that increasing levels of alloying additions...

Authors: Steffen Neumeier, J. Ang, R.A. Hobbs, Catherine M.F. Rae, Howard J. Stone

Abstract: The influence of Ru, Co, Mo and W on the lattice misfit of eight highly alloyed Re containing single crystal nickel-base superalloys was...

Authors: Jakub Jaroszewicz, Hubert Matysiak, Jakub Michalski, Kamil Matuszewski, Krzysztof Kubiak, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski

Abstract: X-ray micro-computed tomography system has been used for visualization in two- (2-D) and three dimensions (3-D) of the dendrite structure...

Authors: Inmaculada Lopez-Galilea, Stephan Huth, Marion Bartsch, Werner Theisen

Abstract: For reducing the porosity of single crystal (SX) nickel-based superalloys, Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) is used. High pressures of about...

Authors: Aya S. Suzuki, Catherine M.F. Rae, R.A. Hobbs, Hideyuki Murakami

Abstract: Fourth generation superalloys are characterised by the addition of Ru which contributes to improved creep resistance whilst improving the...

Authors: K. Clay, P.N. Quested, Roger Morrell, Ken P. Mingard

Abstract: Control of single crystal orientation in modern gas turbine components is a critical quality control issue for optimum reliable behaviour,...

Authors: Florence Pettinari-Sturmel, Mustafa Benyoucef, Joël Douin, Pierre Caron, Didier Locq, Nicole Clément, Armand Coujou

Abstract: In situ straining of microsamples have been carried out at different temperatures in a transmission electron microscope (TEM) to provide...

Authors: Igor M. Razumovskii, Yuriy G. Bykov, A.G. Beresnev, V.A. Poklad, V.I. Razumovskiy

Abstract: The effect of ’ particle size upon the mechanical properties of Ni base superalloy EP741NP obtained by powder metallurgy was investigated....

Authors: Peter Staron, Ulrike Cihak, Helmut Clemens, Martin Stockinger, Andreas Schreyer

Abstract: The results of our investigations on residual stresses in commercially produced forged IN 718 compressor discs are reviewed. The residual...

Authors: Mohammad Khalili Savadkoohi, Ahad Samadi, Rasoul Salehi

Abstract: The morphology of the γ΄ precipitates during continues cooling of a nickel-base superalloy, Udimet 500, was studied using scanning electron...


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