Euro Superalloys 2010

Volume 278

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Atsushi Sato, Johan J. Moverare, Magnus Hasselqvist, Roger C. Reed

Abstract: In this paper, the factors influencing the oxidation resistance of superalloys are studied. A model is proposed by which the Al2O3-forming...

Authors: Ralf Rettig, Astrid Heckl, Robert F. Singer

Abstract: The precipitation of brittle so-called TCP-phases is critical for the application of Re-containing single crystal superalloys. In this work...

Authors: Christian Dumont, Eric Georges

Abstract: Main works on microstructure prediction on superalloys during hot forming processes deal with close die forging of 718 alloy. In this paper,...

Authors: Vsevolod I. Razumovskiy, A.Y. Lozovoi, Igor M. Razumovskii, Andrei V. Ruban

Abstract: A new approach to the design of Ni-based polycrystalline superalloys is proposed. It is based on a concept that under given structural...

Authors: Anders Engström, Johan Bratberg, Qing Cheng, Lars Höglund, Paul Mason

Abstract: This paper presents a brief review, followed by some new results from recent diffusion simulations in Ni-base superalloy systems, performed...

Authors: Chinnapat Panwisawas, Jean Christophe Gebelin, Nils Warnken, Robert W. Broomfield, Roger C. Reed

Abstract: During the manufacture of turbine blades from single crystal nickel-based superalloys by investment casting, recrystallisation can occur...

Authors: Jan Terhaar, Nikolaus Blaes, Dieter Bokelmann, Hendrik Schafstall

Abstract: The main objective of remelting processes commonly used in the production of super¬alloys is to obtain a columnar dendritic solidification...

Authors: Anaïs Gaubert, Yann Le Bouar, Alphonse Finel

Abstract: An elasto-viscoplastic phase field model is proposed to study the microstructural evolutions under mechanical loadings in a Ni-base...

Authors: Marek Gebura, Juraj Lapin

Abstract: The effect of multiaxial stress state caused by a notch effect on microstructure degradation of single crystal nickel based superalloy...

Authors: Elisabetta Gariboldi, Marco Verani, Christian Riva

Abstract: Aluminizing processes are a well-known set of techniques industrially adopted to enrich in aluminum the surface layers of Ni-based alloys,...


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