Euro Superalloys 2010

Volume 278

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sanjay Kumar Sondhi, Gaurav Singh, Francesco Mastromatteo

Abstract: Safe extrapolation of short-term creep data requires development of creep models where (a) the constitutive laws are physics based, and (b)...

Authors: Magdalena Speicher, Andreas Klenk, Karl Maile, Eberhard Roos

Abstract: High efficiency steam power plants are planned to operate at temperatures higher than 700°C and at a pressure of up to 350 bar. Due to this...

Authors: Inmaculada Lopez-Galilea, Stephan Huth, Suzana Gomes Fries, Ingo Steinbach, Werner Theisen

Abstract: The phase field method has been applied to simulate the microstructural evolution of a commercial single crystal Ni-based superalloy during...

Authors: T. Tinga, W.A.M. Brekelmans, M.G.D. Geers

Abstract: A multiscale constitutive framework for Ni-base superalloys has been developed, in which an efficient unit cell is adopted to describe the...

Authors: Heather J. Sharpe, Ashok Saxena

Abstract: The objective of this work was to establish relationships between alloy microstructure and high temperature mechanical properties such as...

Authors: J.R. May, M.C. Hardy, M.R. Bache, David D. Kaylor

Abstract: This study evaluates the suitability of as-hot isostatically pressed (HIP) RR1000 for non-critical applications in aero-engine components....

Authors: Octavio Covarrubias

Abstract: ATI 718Plus® is a nickel-base superalloy designed to promote resistance and thermal stability at elevated temperatures. Beside these...

Authors: Gérard Raisson, Jean Yves Guédou, Didier Guichard, Jean Marc Rongvaux

Abstract: In order to reduce costs and increase the operating temperatures in aero-turboengines and space propulsion systems, net-shape or near...

Authors: Vener Valitov, Shamil Kh. Mukhtarov, Ramil Ya. Lutfullin, Rinat V. Safiullin, Minnaul Mukhametrakhimov

Abstract: Nickel-iron Alloy 718 is widely used for fabricating parts by superplastic deformation. Refinement of grains down to a nanostructure (NS)...

Authors: H. Ozkan Gulsoy, Sunullah Ozbek, Volkan Gunay, Tarik Baykara

Abstract: This paper describes the microstructural and mechanical properties of powder injection moulded (PIM) Ni based superalloys. Ni-based...


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