Euro Superalloys 2010

Volume 278

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Johan J. Moverare, Atsushi Sato, Sten Johansson, Magnus Hasselqvist, Roger C. Reed, Jan Kanesund, Kjell Simonsson

Abstract: Thermomechanical fatigue (TMF) in superalloys is growing in importance due to the introduction of advanced cooling systems but also due to...

Authors: Roland Mücke

Abstract: Modern gas turbines utilize single crystal (SX) and directionally solidified (DS) nickel superalloys which hold a higher cyclic life...

Authors: Gerhard Maier, Hermann Riedel, Thomas Seifert, Jutta Klöwer, Ralf Mohmann

Abstract: Isothermal low cycle fatigue and thermomechanical fatigue tests are performed on Alloy617B in the solution-annealed and stabilized condition...

Authors: Masakazu Okazaki, Motoki Sakaguchi, Yosuke Sasaki, Koichi Namba

Abstract: Degree of long term degradation damage of a retired gas turbine vane made of a Ni-based superalloy which had been operating for about 20000...

Authors: Yu Tao, Jian Tao Liu, Yi Wen Zhang

Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate the mechanical properties of a FGH96 alloy disk with a dual microstructure. FGH96 is a powder...

Authors: Stefan Linn, Alfred Scholz, Christina Berger

Abstract: The nickel base alloy IN 738 LC is in use for gas turbine blades since more than 25 years. In high temperature creep testing the...

Authors: Miroslav Šmíd, Martin Petrenec, Jaroslav Polák, Karel Obrtlík, Alice Chlupová

Abstract: Cyclic multiple step test in strain control have been performed on cylindrical specimens of cast polycrystalline Inconel 738LC and 792-5A...

Authors: James P. Minshull, Steffen Neumeier, Mattew G. Tucker, Howard J. Stone

Abstract: The phase constituents of alloys from the (Ni,Co)85(Al,Ti)15 plane of the Ni-Co-Al-Ti quaternary system were investigated following...

Authors: Alexander Devaux, Eric Georges, Philippe Héritier

Abstract: The enhancement of efficiency in gas turbine engines requires the development of new superalloys capable of withstanding higher...

Authors: Gao Feng Tian, Jin Wen Zou, Yu Wang, Wu Xiang Wang

Abstract: The hot deformation behaviors and the effect of flow stress on the microstructure were investigated for the as-HIPed and as-extruded...


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