Euro Superalloys 2010

Volume 278

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Britta Laux, Joachim Rösler

Abstract: Diffusion brazing is a widely-used technology for the repair of cracks in hot section turbine components, mostly fabricated from...

Authors: Hans Eberhard Zschau, Daniel Renusch, Patrick J. Masset, Michael Schütze

Abstract: A new method is proposed to achieve a dense protective alumina scale for Ni-base superalloys with an Al-content lower than 10 wt.% at...

Authors: Xiaver Ledoux, Michel Vilasi, Stéphane Mathieu, Pierre Jean Pantiex, Pascal Del-Gallo, Marc Wanger

Abstract: Austenitic nickel-iron-chromium based superalloys are materials of choice for high temperature applications as they provide high temperature...

Authors: Reinhold Braun, Maik Fröhlich, Christoph Leyens

Abstract: . Intermetallic Ti-Al-Cr layers with small additions of Si, Zr, W, and Y were deposited on γ-TiAl specimens using magnetron sputtering. The...

Authors: Rui Vilar, Edson Costa Santos

Abstract: In the present work single and multiple layer NiCrAlY coatings were produced by laser cladding on (100) single-crystalline substrates of...

Authors: Gregory Fabre, Vincent Guipont, Michel Jeandin, M. Boustie, J.P. Cuq-Lelandais, L. Berthe, A. Pasquet, Jean Yves Guédou

Abstract: Damage prediction, adhesion strength and remaining lifetime of TBC are highly important data for understanding and preventing TBC spallation...

Authors: Sörn Ocylok, Andreas Weisheit, Ingomar Kelbassa

Abstract: A process layout for laser cladding of layers on substrates of titanium aluminides using state-of-the-art and modified (additions of Si and...

Authors: Elisabetta Gariboldi, Xing Hua Han, Giulioantonio Longo, Giovanni Paolo Zanon

Abstract: Aluminising processes are well-known techniques industrially adopted to enrich of aluminium the surface layers of Ni-based alloys thus...

Authors: Kyosuke Yoshimi, Soeng Ho Ha, Kouichi Maruyama, Rong Tu, Takashi Goto

Abstract: First of all, the as-cast microstructures of Mo-rich Mo-Si-B ternary alloys were investigated around the triple junction point of the...

Authors: Stefan Drawin, J.P. Monchoux, J.L. Raviart, Alain Couret

Abstract: An NbTiHfCrAlSi niobium silicide based atomized powder has been compacted by a conventional technique (hot extrusion) and by spark plasma...


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