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Authors: Yu Сhao Li, Xiang Сai Ge, Sie Chin Tjong
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Binary poly(vinylidene fluoride)/silicon carbide (PVDF/SiC) composites and its graphite nanosheets (GN) doped ternary hybrids were fabricated...
Authors: Ze Bao Lang, Xu Hu Zhang, Liang Wang, Wen Jun Jia
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:After treated with different quenching processes near transition temperature of orthorhombic phase, PM Ti-23Al-17Nb alloys with different...
Authors: Zhe Liu, Wei Ping Chen, Yu Deng
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Six groups of castings which solidified at different cooling rates with or without addition of 0.03%Sb were fabricated. The effects of the...
Authors: Tong Kun Cao, Jun Peng Ge, Qi Long Yang
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Al2O3/TiC ceramic composites with the addition of CaF2 solid lubrication were produced by hot pressing. The...
Authors: Guang Ye Zhang, Dong Wen Ye, Jin Lin Wang, You Ming Chen, Long Fei Liu, Yuan Jun Guo
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:The Microstructure and creep behavior for NiAl-28Cr-5.5Mo-0.5Hf-0.02wt.%P alloy at high temperature have been investigated in this paper. The...
Authors: Yong Xu, Z.N. Guo, Guan Wang, Y.J. Zhang
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Resistance Spot Welding (RSW) is a widely used technology. And the rapid wear is the main reason for the short life of RSW electrodes. To...
Authors: Jing Feng Guo, Ren Gen Xu, Li Zhao, Wen Zhu Shao, Lian Jie Qin
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Initiation and propagation of micro cracks in the Fe-25Cr-35Ni based superalloy were observed and investigated through in situ tensile test...
Authors: Jian Peng, Chuan Bin Wang, Ling Li, Qiang Shen, Lian Meng Zhang
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Arc-melting was employed to synthesize BaTi2O5 powders by fast melting the reagent mixture of BaCO3 and...
Authors: Yu Сhao Li, Xiang Сai Ge, Sie Chin Tjong
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:The dielectric relaxation behavior of poly (vinylidene fluoride) based composites filled with beta silicon carbide nanoparticles were...
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