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Authors: Jing Long Gao, Yan Hui Liu, Dong Ming Li
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Recycled polypropylene (PP)/carbon nanotube (CNTs) composites with different CNTs fraction were prepared by the melting blend method. The...
Authors: Jian Hong Gong, Shu Xia Lin, Jun Gao
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:In the present paper, boron-doped diamond was synthesized by static pressure method using Fe-Ni-C-B system catalyst, whose...
Authors: Jing Long Gao, Yan Hui Liu, Shou Dong Wei
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:High-density polyethylene (HDPE)/silica composites with different silicon dioxide fraction were prepared by the melting blend method. The...
Authors: Jin Huan Li, Hai Yang Wang, Rui Hai Wang
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Aromatic polybenzoxazoles (PBOs) are very promising materials for civil, aerospace and electronics industries due to their outstanding...
Authors: Wen Bo Tang, Yun Gang Guo, Hon Grui Wang
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Hardfacing is one of the most useful and economical ways to improve the performance of components submitted to severe wear conditions. In...
Authors: Ping Xia
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Reactions of a freshly prepared Cu(OH)2×yH2O precipitate, 2-methyl benzoic acid with 1,10’-phenanthroline in...
Authors: Dan Li
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Well-dispersed and hydrophilic copper nanoparticles have been synthesized from an organometallic precursor in an organic (or oil) phase....
Authors: Ning Shan, Guo Heng
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Composite materials have many advantages such as big specific strength, high specific stiffness, good disrepair safety characteristic, large...
Authors: Dong Zhang, Yan Li Zhang
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Zinc ion was adsorbed and enriched by nano-barium-strontium titanate immobilized on aluminum oxide(ABST). The adsorption and elution...
Authors: Fei Liu, Hong Yan Gao, Qiang Xu, Ya Ni Zhang
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:The polarization properties of a new structure of high birefringence polarization maintaining photonic crystal fibers were explored, which...
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