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Authors: Hai Quan Wang, Lin Tong Wang, Hong Yan Zhang
I. Solid Materials
Authors: Xing Yuan Guo, Jing Zhou, Zhan Hui Ding, Yan Feng Xue, Bin Yao
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Hexagonal ZnO whiskers were prepared by using an optical floating zone furnace. Most of the as-grown whiskers have diameters of about 20-30...
Authors: Dong Zhang
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:A new method for the preconcentration and separation of cobalt ion in water was described. The methodology combines determination using a...
Authors: Qing Liong Liu, Shu Wei Wang, Li Lv, Xiao Jing Wang
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:The charge transfer and structural distortions that occurred in the complex CpRh(CO)2 upon excitation with an light irradiation...
Authors: Sheng Liang Ni, Yue Meng, Pei Song Tang
I. Solid Materials
Abstract:Reactions of a freshly prepared Zn(OH)2-2x(CO3)x×yH2O precipitate, formic acid with...
Authors: Guo Hua Zhao, Qing Lian Shu, Bo Sheng Huang
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:This paper proposes a material model of AS4/PEEK, a typical thermoplastic composite material, for the general purpose finite element...
Authors: Yu Wang, Zhen Luo
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:This paper aims to present an alternative design method for remote wireless shape control of laminated composite structures using topology...
Authors: Ke Yong Wang
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:A new four-node hybrid-Trefftz element is developed for plane elasticity problems. From the Airy stress function, the fundamental analytical...
Authors: Jie Chen, Cheng Hui Gao, Bing Wei He
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:Aiming at filling the holes which were generated from uncompleted point cloud data in reverse engineering, a new hole filling algorithm in...
Authors: Qiang Li, Li Feng Fan, Ying Gao, Cong Hui Song, Wen Tao Yang
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:Air bending of wide-punch large radius of curvature, as a special bending mode, has been widely applied in the production of large diameter...
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