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Authors: Xiao Hong Fan, Zheng Jun Yuan, Jing Li, Bin Xu
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:A three-dimensional(3D) model of the shoe toe is established by the CACX and UG software in this paper. Then the process analysis and...
Authors: Hui Zhang, Zi Feng Ni, Qing Zhong Li
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:In this paper, a kind of alkaline slurry was introduced, in which silica was used as the abrasive, H2O2 was used as the...
Authors: Yuan Wen Cao, Jian Hua Jiao, Li Ying Ma, Shao Xiong Gui
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:Compaction is an important influencing factor that makes various structural materials of road embankment and surface sufficiently dense, and...
Authors: Zi Ming Kou, Chun Yue Lu, Juan Wu, Hui Xian Zhang
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:The current vibration modes, whether inertial vibration or hydraulic vibration, have some problems such as large power consumption and low...
Authors: Xiao Peng Liu, Xiao Chun Chen, Qing Zhong Li
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:The method of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) using slurry which was ultrasonic subtle atomized was researched, and the system of...
Authors: Yan Bin Li, Tong Jiang, Peng Zheng
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:Ausform finishing process plastically deforms the surface of a steel component, generates compressive residual stresses in the surface layer,...
Authors: Zhen Hua Bai, Hong Xin Si, Qing Tian Zhou, Xiu Jun Li, Shou Min Wu, Xiao Dong Shi
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:The setting goals of process lubrication were not all-inclusive in the previous manufacturer of double cold reduction. Strip shape, surface...
Authors: Wei Jin Ma, Jun Yuan Wang, Feng Lan Li, Zhi Qiang Zeng, Deng Hong Xiao, Shi Bo Xiong
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:A lumped mass model with six degrees of freedom for the vertical vibration of four roller hot strip rolling mill stand was proposed, while...
Authors: Dian Hong Yu, Lin Li, Kai Zhao
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:Based on the optical-wave’s theory, focusing energy transmission of UV radiation in rapid prototyping technology has been analyzed in depth....
Authors: Dong Ju Chen, Jin Wei Fan, Fei Hu Zhang
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:A new method for extracting spectrum feature of spindle unbalance of machine tool is proposed. The flatness error of workpiece surface...
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