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Authors: Liang Han, Meng Qian Tian, Jing Liang Gui
II. Solid Mechanics
Abstract:The paper presents a multi-rigid model of arm for an impact between a tennis ball and racket, and makes dynamic analysis of it. The input to...
Authors: Wen Fa Xiao, Li Tao Dong
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:Methacryloyl guar gum was investigated with respect to crystallinity, surface morphology, biodegradability and viscosity of semi-dilute...
Authors: Hong Tan, Jian Gao, Shi Song Li, Zheng Kun Li
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:Damping coefficient is an important parameter in the system of swinging balance. There are various factors, such as knife hysteresis and the...
Authors: Lan Fang Jiang, Hong Liu, Ai Qi Li
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:The effect of headlamp modeling on automotive aerodynamics was studied by wind tunnel tests. Firstly, the effect of Reynolds number on drag...
Authors: Yin Wei Yang, Xu Liu
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:Paver is a kind of equipment used for high quality road alignment. As an important system of the paver, spiral feeder system consumes power...
Authors: Jie Sha, Guang Yuan Xie, Yao Li Peng, Ben Xuan Shi
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:The hydrodynamics of particles of coarse coal slime and quartz of different sizes in a liquid-solid fluidized bed separator were investigated...
Authors: Yu Li
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:A general temperature calculation method of axisymmetric multilayer cylinder was deduced according to the axisymmetric heat conduction of...
Authors: Quan Yuan, Yan Shen, Liang Chen
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:Stochastic resonance (SR) is a nonlinear phenomenon which can be used to detect weak signal. The theory of SR in a biased mono-stable system...
Authors: Chang Tian Wang, Huai Qian Bao, Wen Hao Zhang
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:Based on the noise characteristics of heat exchange station, the reasons of the high noise are investigated by analyzing the mechanism of...
Authors: Yi Gan, Lian Wang Lan, Sheng Li
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:To find the parameters’ configuration relationship of the Ant Colony Algorithm, based on the ecological actions about ants, the distributing...
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