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Authors: Ming Zhe Zhang, Wei Wang, Dong Ning Su, Kang Min Zhong, Zhi Ming Sui
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:The light load linear reciprocating motion device driven by a small-size pneumatic cylinder is most economical, but its velocity and location...
Authors: Yuan Wei, Wu Bin Xu, Hai Jing Zeng, Hong Xian Zhang, Zhou Qiang Zhang
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:According to the typical rotating machinery faults and their corresponding rotor axis orbit characteristics, the using of eddy current sensor...
Authors: Yi Gan, Ming Zhao, Zhi Wei Zhang
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:Based on the analysis of the product design and its process, by using Top Basic Skeleton (TBS) model as a link, and adopting eXtensible...
Authors: Yan Hua Yang, Zu Ping Zhu, Li Gang Yao
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:Considering the process of research in conceptual design, a framework model of Function-Behaviour-structure was put forward, and QFD was an...
Authors: Zhi Xin Liu, Ren Jun Wan, Yong Wan Shi
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:With the popularization of passenger vehicle safety devices such as safety belt, airbag and so on, the chance that occupant’s upper limbs...
Authors: Cong Lu, Jun Zha
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:This paper proposes a feature recognition approach from a boundary representation solid model with Fuzzy ART neural network. To recognize the...
Authors: Yin Di Huang, Rong Hua Bian, Zhen Xu
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:Firstly, genetic algorithm optimization method was put forward to solve optimization problems of sequencing in actual mixed model passenger...
Authors: Dong Dong Liu
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:Rolling mills process is too complicated to be described by formulas. RBF neural networks can establish finishing thickness and rolling force...
Authors: Jie Tian, Jin Wu, Ning Chen
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:According to the design demands of the steer-by-wire system, a PIlDm controller based on fractional calculus was proposed. Aligning...
Authors: Liang Han, Meng Qian Tian, Jin Zhong Chen
III. Related Enlightening Topics
Abstract:This paper proposes a multi-fingered robot hand for the application of Chinese massage, which has a long history and is an important...
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