Green Building Materials and Energy-Saving Construction

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Authors: Yong Bo Lin, Hong Chen, Li Ran Yue
Abstract: This study has investigated the effects of K2HPO4 to the cell growth and hydrogen production ration to Biohydrogenbacterium R3 sp.nov.. The results found that: K2HPO4 can promote the cell growth and hydrogen production effectively and it can maintain the pH value stably in culture. The biogas yield, hydrogen production yield and specific hydrogen production ration(SHPR) had the maximum of 4960 ml/L, 2107.5 ml/L and 1.93 mol H2/mol glucose respectively when the concentration of K2HPO4 was 1.5g/L. The final pH in the culture was always kept at 3.0~5.0.
Authors: Hong Tao Peng, Qi Zhang, Nai Sheng Li, De Fa Wang
Abstract: The lime-stabilized soil was mixed with glutinous rice paste in proper proportion to determine the difference in compressive strength caused by introduction of glutinous rice paste. The experimental results show that the unconfined compressive strengths of lime-stabilized soil specimens treated with glutinous rice paste are all higher than those without treated at different curing times (7d, 28d, 40d, and 60d). The calculated fractal box dimension value of SEM image of lime stabilized soil sample is close to and slightly less than the one treated with glutinous rice paste. The SEM images show that the microstructure of lime-stabilized soil treated with glutinous rice paste is denser than that without treated. This kind of denser microstructure should be the basis of higher unconfined compressive strengths of the specimens treated with glutinous rice paste.
Authors: Hong Tao Peng, Hai Tao Su, Xin Ping Zhang, Jun Wang
Abstract: A series of tests were conducted to evaluate the difference of strengths of soils stabilized with enzyme and ground quicklime respectively. Perma-Zyme as an enzymatic soil stabilizer was used in this research. The analysis of the experimental data indicated that the type of soil and curing condition affected those treated with Perma-Zyme or ground quicklime significantly. Perma-Zyme can clearly improve the strengths of fine-grained soil and coarse-grained soil from 7 to 60 days of curing under air-dry condition, but had no significant effect on the strengths of silty loam under air-dry condition and those in sealed glass containers. Under the air-dry conditions, the unconfined compressive strengths of lime-stabilized soil were lower than those treated with Perma-Zyme at different ages. In sealed glass containers, the unconfined compressive strengths of lime-stabilized soil were higher than those treated with Perma-Zyme, because the water in specimens can not evaporate and can promote further hydration of the ground quicklime particles.
Authors: Feng Qin, Zhuang Bin He, Qiong Nian Huang
Abstract: In this study, the unconfined compressive strength and anti-corrosion capacity and erosion resistibility were evaluated. Different admixture amounts of manganese slag cement were used as constituents of stabilized macadam base specimens. On the prepared specimens mechanical property test、continuous immersion experiment and anti erosion experiment were carried out for the research on the corrosion resistance of manganese slag cement stabilized macadam base. It was observed that corrosion resistance and scour resistance performances were significantly improved with the incorporation of manganese. The performance of corrosion resistance reduce after first enhance when slag manganese slag cement stabilized macadam base are marinated with acid rain. During continuous acid rain marinate, the anti-corrosion capacity is improved on the first 21day, but it is observed declined rapidly after 21day acid rain marinate and finally manganese slag cement stabilized macadam base is lose its workability because of full corrosion.
Authors: Bin Gao, Yue Zhou, Hong Li, Yu Ting Huo
Abstract: Making plan is the first step of construction. This article demonstrates and illustrates how to make residential district energy-saving plan of villages and small towns. We can make energy-saving plan through application of scientific and reasonable planning techniques of siting, layout, and renewable energy. We can construct energy-saving residential district under the guidance of plan. The popularity of this energy-saving plan mode will contribute a lot to the sustainable development and improvement of environment.
Authors: Huai Qian Bao, Chang Tian Wang, Ning Zhang
Abstract: In order to the comprehensive utilization of enterprise resources, reducing environmental pollution, from point of view of governance and utilization of ash and slag in utility boiler, to discuss power plant boiler ash, slag, water-saving technological transformation, etc., it is designed to minimize water consumption and reducing pollutant emissions, and achieved good economic and social benefits.
Authors: Shuai Tian, Tong Zhang, Wei Feng Li
Abstract: The paper studied the impact of rubber particles on heat-shielding property of bridge deck pavement. Results of the research show: when mixed with rubber particles in 4% concrete of bridge deck pavement performs well in dynamic test, heat-conducting test, thermal expansion and thermal contraction test; it is feasible to utilize rubber particles in 4% to solve solar radiation thermal effect on concrete bridge; to mix rubber particles in 4% with concrete as bridge deck pavement can decline solar radiation thermal effect on concrete bridge by more than 20%, so the diseases from thermal sudden change can be reduced.
Authors: Hong Xia Qiao, Hong Fa Yu, Zhong Mao He
Abstract: After the assessment targets on concrete performance of anti-sulfate erosion were optimum designed rationally to be assessment parameters, the course on performance deterioration of concrete was mixing slag powder characterized using designed assessment parameters. The results show that, every performance deterioration degree of concrete can be compared on the same coordination axis by assessment parameters. The assessment parameters were applicable the same determination criterion, and the determination principle is simple and convenient. The comparing the deterioration course and sensitivity degree of concrete performance is much easy. It is better to judge concrete performance state that the concrete mixing slag powder performance of anti-sulfate erosion has been assessed with assessment parameter designed in the paper.
Authors: Yu Jing Zhu
Abstract: The paper considers the development and utilization of the Yangzhou’s Canal is not enough, the city's achievements in building a far cry from the once glorious, now can not meet the future transport planning has been far from development. This paper then made twenty creative pattern language to develop the city's green transport, including the characteristics of canal traffic and the bike and bus rapid transit system as the city's main mode of transport, to create a set of Boats, Buses, Bikes (3B Rapid Transit) in one of the three healthy, environmentally friendly urban transport network, reshaping the image of the city, another city of glory.

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