Research and Application on Magnesium Slag


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The content of water glass in accordance with the size of range is a major factor in magnesium slag strength. The microstructure of the block of orthogonal testing three shows network-like, acicular, cotton wool attached to each other, the main hydration products are calcium silicate hydrate, needle-like ettringite and CSH gel, just the good combination among the hydration products the cementitious material get the ideal strength value. From the view of differential analysis curve, Ca (OH) 2 decomposed when the temperature reaches 500 °C -540 °C, Ca (OH) 2 generated by the calcium component within the cementitious material reaction with alkali, and the Ca (OH) 2 will participate in the reaction of hydrated calcium silicate gel, and enhance strength of the test block. From the TG thermal analysis we can see that there is no water loss in the process, the performance of ofmineral phase changes and thermal stability are great.



Edited by:

Zhenyu Du and Zheng Wang






S. Y. Wang et al., "Research and Application on Magnesium Slag", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 280, pp. 208-211, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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