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Authors: Yong Bo Lin, Hong Chen, Li Ran Yue
Abstract:This study has investigated the effects of K2HPO4 to the cell growth and hydrogen production ration to...
Authors: Hong Tao Peng, Qi Zhang, Nai Sheng Li, De Fa Wang
Abstract:The lime-stabilized soil was mixed with glutinous rice paste in proper proportion to determine the difference in compressive strength caused...
Authors: Hong Tao Peng, Hai Tao Su, Xin Ping Zhang, Jun Wang
Abstract:A series of tests were conducted to evaluate the difference of strengths of soils stabilized with enzyme and ground quicklime respectively....
Authors: Feng Qin, Zhuang Bin He, Qiong Nian Huang
Abstract:In this study, the unconfined compressive strength and anti-corrosion capacity and erosion resistibility were evaluated. Different admixture...
Authors: Bin Gao, Yue Zhou, Hong Li, Yu Ting Huo
Abstract:Making plan is the first step of construction. This article demonstrates and illustrates how to make residential district energy-saving plan...
Authors: Huai Qian Bao, Chang Tian Wang, Ning Zhang
Abstract:In order to the comprehensive utilization of enterprise resources, reducing environmental pollution, from point of view of governance and...
Authors: Shuai Tian, Tong Zhang, Wei Feng Li
Abstract:The paper studied the impact of rubber particles on heat-shielding property of bridge deck pavement. Results of the research show: when mixed...
Authors: Hong Xia Qiao, Hong Fa Yu, Zhong Mao He
Abstract:After the assessment targets on concrete performance of anti-sulfate erosion were optimum designed rationally to be assessment parameters,...
Authors: Yu Jing Zhu
Abstract:The paper considers the development and utilization of the Yangzhou’s Canal is not enough, the city's achievements in building a far cry from...
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