Green Building Materials and Energy-Saving Construction

Volume 280

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Hong, Shun Wang, Ze Zhou Wu

Abstract: The construction industry consumes a tremendous amount of energy and resources each year in China. It is imperative to implement sustainable...

Authors: Sheng Sun, Zheng Fang, Jian Li Chen

Abstract: The paper presents the issues that there have the huge challenges in constuction industry about resources and the environment, and human...

Authors: Ji Qian Huang, Yang Xu

Abstract: The concrete coloration method for the power plant construction is studied to change the recent exterior decoration method for industrial...

Authors: Wen Hui Zheng

Abstract: Streetscape planning and design has important significance for improving urban landscape and increasing urban quality. Cixi segment of...

Authors: Nan Li, Jing Zhao, Neng Zhu

Abstract: Building energy consumption prediction provides the possibility for regulating running condition of equipments in advance. Then the...

Authors: Wei Shi, Jiang Du

Abstract: Through the reconstruction project of teaching building in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, several effective and detail...

Authors: Kui Xing Liu, Neng Zhu, Zhe Tian, Meng Lei Wang

Abstract: Airport Terminal has some unique architectural features, however, there is no design standard for Airport Terminal. In this paper, first, on...

Authors: Jun Cao, Jun Hua Yu, Yu Liu

Abstract: This paper explores some new methods of ecological design for mountain area buildings, which emphasize the features of portability and space...

Authors: Meng Lei Wang, Zhe Tian, Kui Xing Liu

Abstract: The cooling tower is often overlooked in the air conditioning system, but it impacts on the heat dissipation of system. This paper tests and...

Authors: Tao Liang, Shuang Yue Li, Shu Jun Li, Li Jun Zhang

Abstract: Rosin was used as a raw material to prepare N-(3-rosin acyloxy-2-hydroxyl) propyl-N,N diethanolamine. First, rosin was modified with epoxy...


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