Green Building Materials and Energy-Saving Construction

Volume 280

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Na Rui Bu, Shi Lian Zhang, Wei Long Cui

Abstract: The vibration characteristics of the structure are important parameters of structural design if want to accurately grasp the vibration...

Authors: Yi Yun Huang, Ling Zhang, Guang Ming Chen, Xiao Hong Han

Abstract: Based on the law of mass and energy conservation and the one-dimensional model of heat transfer, a heat and moisture transfer line source...

Authors: Yi Yun Huang, Ling Zhang, Xiao Hong Han

Abstract: This paper presents a design scheme of the stratified air conditioning system, in accordance with the temple hall’s large space and function...

Authors: Hong Guo, Min Fang Su, Xiao Jun Jin

Abstract: Based on the current energy consumption situation of existing masonry-concrete residential buildings in China, it discussed the main...

Authors: Wen Ge Chai, Wen Li Li, Wen Xia Gao

Abstract: In order to study high performance recycled concrete, the recycled concrete is prepared through the double admixing technology, i.e. mixing...

Authors: Ke Yang Lu, Feng Fu, Yue Jin Fu, Zhi Yong Cai

Abstract: Radiations from different electrical devices cause electromagnetic interference which will influence the performance realization of other...

Authors: Shi Jin Wang

Abstract: Green building materials as an important factor plays important role in the promote sustainable development. However, at present a unified...

Authors: Jun Hua Yu, Yan Di Zhu, Lan Zhang

Abstract: With the urbanization increasingly advancing at high speed, a growing number of farmlands have been turned into building lands, which leads...

Authors: De Cheng Fu, Yu Hui Wen, Bo Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the deflection of GFRP bars reinforced beams with different reinforcement ratio was studied, To research deflection of GFRP...

Authors: Da Ming Xu, Tian Yu Zhao, Wen Cheng

Abstract: In this paper, with the purpose of constructing the low-carbon and energy-saving new rural countryside, we regarded the cold region in the...


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