Green Building Materials and Energy-Saving Construction

Volume 280

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Xun Yang, Lei Sun

Abstract: The continuous rigid frame bridge was taken as a typical background, considering the horizontal alignment curvature of the continuous rigid...

Authors: Shou Tan Song, Ji Wen Zhang, Xin Yuan

Abstract: The dynamic performance of continuous girder under the train in a series of speed is studied through examples, and the main conclusions are...

Authors: Cheng Chen, Jian Li

Abstract: This paper reports a new method to prepare a new lignocellulose aerogel that is made from two kinds of wood powder through...

Authors: Lu Nie, Zhi Qing Zhao, Zhi Yun Wu

Abstract: The current primary and secondary schools in China's rural areas and the readjustment of the distribution mechanism to ensure funding for...

Authors: Ju Qiu, Hong Ming Liu

Abstract: The promotion and utilization of passive solar technology in Northeast China rural residential constructions which locate in harsh cold...

Authors: Ping Wang, Dong Wang

Abstract: Timber structure has been thousands of years in China. But nowadays, the application of timber structure is almost blank. By analyzing...

Authors: Si Yu Wang, Li Guang Xiao, Qiang Zhou, Kai Xu, Bao Li Chen, Ji Feng Wang, Zhi Zhong Wu

Abstract: The content of water glass in accordance with the size of range is a major factor in magnesium slag strength. The microstructure of the...

Authors: Q. Zhou, Li Guang Xiao, K. Yin

Abstract: The wasted EPS foam plastics is the main ingredients of Energy-saving composite board, together with cement, fly ash, foam agent and various...

Authors: Chao Hong, Ru Zhang, Xiao Hua Huang

Abstract: This article is about a green product in the ceramic industry that is not mature in the context of production. we make use of new neural...

Authors: J. X. Guo, B. J. Yang

Abstract: Water granulating is widely used to treat blast furnace slag in iron-making process, and the large amount of waste heat of granulating water...


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