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Authors: Hong Tao Peng, Hai Tao Su, Xin Ping Zhang, Jun Wang
Abstract:Portland cement can be used as soil stabilizer, but poses some problems such as dust pollution, consumption of fossil energy and relatively...
Authors: Xiao Yan Hao, Pei Xiao Qi
Abstract:The dairy industry has become an important industry for increasing employment and peasants' income and optimizing agricultural structure, but...
Authors: Yu Hong Zhou, Xing Hua Guo, Xi Jiang Han
Abstract:Corrosion of aluminium anode in the seawater will reduce the life of the aluminum-air cell. It has been recognized that addition of inhibitor...
Authors: Peng Wang, Chong Chen Wang, Li Li Feng, Xiang Juan Tian
Abstract:The contents of lead and cadmium in the leaves of Chinese Rose along 4th ring roads in Beijing were determined respectively, and...
Authors: Guo Ling Cheng, Zhi Fei Ma, Qun Hui Wang
Abstract:Seven natural organic acids were added to moderate artificial Cr-contaminated soil to investigate the effects of natural organic acids on...
Authors: Jian Meng Feng, Ren Yong Nan, Zhao Zhang
Abstract:To enhance our understanding on plant invasions in China, we conducted a comparative study of the checklists of the alien invasive plants in...
Authors: Guo Chao Li, Jie Chen, Sheng Lu Yu, Tao Yang, Jian Qi Sun
Abstract:An Internal Circulation Impinging Stream Biofilm Reactor (ICISBR) was developed and used for treatment synthetic organic wastewater with...
Authors: Jian Kun Zhang
Abstract:Compared biological sand filtration system with conventional water treatment, taking micro-polluted water river as source water. The results...
Authors: Jian Kun Zhang
Abstract:According to the water quality characteristics, micro-polluted source water treatment by ozone combined processes. The results show that the...
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