Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2011

Volume 281

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.281

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Authors: Jun Yin, Lei Wu, Yu Juan Yu, Ju Kui Zhang, Ke Zhao, Wang Cui, Lei Yu

Abstract: In this article, analysis the A2/O humic activated sludge system phosphorus removal efficiency and CODCr removal...

Authors: Xin Liang Liu, Chang Li Ouyang, Yun Xia Bai, Hai Nong Song, Shuang Fei Wang

Abstract: Fenton-flocculation process as one of effective the advanced oxidation treatments was widely used and studied. In this paper, the efficiency...

Authors: He Rui Cui, Da Fang Qiu, Lu Chen

Abstract: As environment impact has become the important constraining factors to the power transmission project, so it is necessary to expand the...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Wen Hui Zhang, Jing Zhang

Abstract: This study is basing on the goal to build a "producing development, clean and tidy village" new socialist countryside. It focuses on current...

Authors: He Rui Cui, Lu Chen, Da Fang Qiu

Abstract: Thermal power industry promotes economic development in a high speed, and it also brings the problem of resources and the environment....

Authors: Yong Hong Liu, Wu Ying Zhang, Wei Jia Xu, Cheng Wang, Qian Ru Zhu

Abstract: This paper investigated the concentrations of the water-soluble ions (e.g. SO42-, NO3- )and the inorganic...

Authors: Jun Yin, Ju Kui Zhang, Lei Wu, Xin Li

Abstract: Choose three kinds of clean drinking water distilled water, tap water, mineral water for the object, study the impact of magnetization on...

Authors: Hong Liang Guan, Xun Min Yu, Qing Xin Li

Abstract: Copper anode sludge was a byproduct produced during the refinery of copper. The sludge contained amount of noble metals and rare metals, and...

Authors: Ju Wei Peng, Xiang Kui Han

Abstract: According to the characteristics of furfural wastewater, by production enterprises located in low-lying saline land transformed into a...

Authors: Zhong Hua Zhao, Zu Min Qiu

Abstract: Based on a nitrogen (N) budget change model of agricultural fields, nitrogen budget change in each county in Tao River basin was calculated....


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