Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2011

Volume 281

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.281

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Authors: Qi Lin Wu

Abstract: This paper introduction of the special function of the technology employees under technology-based economy. Firstly, the paper indicated the...

Authors: Li Guo, Xiao Min Hu

Abstract: In order to explore relationship between industrial symbiosis and technological innovation, the paper applied the Becker-Stigler...

Authors: Na Li, La Chun Wang

Abstract: The regional water environment carrying capacity (WECC) is defined as the bearing capacity of water environment for human activity in a...

Authors: Jian Zhou

Abstract: This paper starts from the concept of low-carbon building, aiming at the high carbon dioxide emissions in Chinese construction industry; by...

Authors: Zhen Hua Liu

Abstract: Safe drinking water in rural areas in china was worried about, and was very urgent.Table 2 shows that more than 320 million people living in...

Authors: Zhen Jia, Yi Xing Liu, Guo Liang Li

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to use polycondensation in situ to prepare phenolic resin / calcium carbonate nanocomposites in alkaline...

Authors: Gang Tao Jia, Tian Zhu Huang

Abstract: Agriculture has the main function such as food sources, raw materials, providing the elements, the consumer market and foreign exchange...

Authors: Tian Zhu Huang, Gang Tao Jia

Abstract: The fundamental functions of agriculture are as followed food sources, raw materials, providing the elements for long time. We need...

Authors: Xin Wang, Dan Su, Hai Bo Li

Abstract: Electrocoagulation method for textile dye wastewater treatment was investigated in this study. Results show that electrocoagulation can be...

Authors: Li Song Hu, Guang Hui He, Xi Wen Liu, Yan Wang

Abstract: In this paper, 34 soil samples was collected in Beihu Lake area in Wuhan, Hubei province for determination of 16 types of polycyclic...


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