MAS-Based Supply Chain Dynamic Collaboration Resource Sharing


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In order to study the law of emergence and its internal attributable causes according to the resources owned by agents that interacts with each other in the complex adaptive system about the supply chain, at the beginning the resources which the agents in the supply chain draw are defined as followings: the resources outside system, the resources in the system, the resources that other else agents own, and the dynamic resources the agent itself own, the multi-compartment agent of resources. The operating points of eight resources owned by agents interact with each other are controlled through eight random numbers, the direction, degree, speed and stability of resources flow during interaction among agents are described respectively by matching capability, matching speed and matching time; Furthermore, the evolution process about the resources among agents interacting is described by rules of GEF(Global Evaluate Function) and LEF(Local Evaluate Function), resources flow model of complex system about the supply chain is established; Eventually, through simulating respectively in the Swarm platform both the proposed model and the simple model that doesn’t cunsder the multi-compartment agent but the linear sum of all resources, it is found that the former describes the change rule of the resource more accurately in the supply chain system. It means that syncretizing eight resources, which interact and inter-constrain in the system, to an indiscerptible one is the attributable cause of the emergence.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 282-283)

Edited by:

Helen Zhang and David Jin






W. J. Jiang et al., "MAS-Based Supply Chain Dynamic Collaboration Resource Sharing", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 282-283, pp. 474-477, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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