Effects of Sputtering Power on the Microstructure of Mg2Si Films by Magnetron Sputtering


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Epitaxial films of magnesium silicide Mg2Si are prepared by magnetron sputtering system on Si (111) substrates. The crystal structures and the surface morphology of the Mg2Si films are characterized by X-ray diffraction and Field emission scanning electron microscope. The microstructure of Mg2Si films is obtained. The results show that the Mg2Si films have a strong Mg2Si (220) preferential orientation with sputtering power increases, the Mg2Si (220) peak intensity increases with increasing sputtering power before 100W and then decreases with increasing sputtering power.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 287-290)

Edited by:

Jinglong Bu, Pengcheng Wang, Liqun Ai, Xiaoming Sang, Yungang Li






C. H. Zhang and Z. Q. Yu, "Effects of Sputtering Power on the Microstructure of Mg2Si Films by Magnetron Sputtering", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 287-290, pp. 2298-2301, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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