Study on Vibration Assisted Heat Transfer for Isonlated Fins


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Energy deficiency and heat generation are key problems for electronics of mobile devices such as smart phone, portable multi-media player, and MP3 player. Generally, they adopt lithium-ion battery which has the degradation of voltage quality and inefficient energy consumption under high temperature caused by heat dissipation from the electronics. The elevated operating temperature makes the battery’s lifetime shorter. To overcome the problems, heat sink with fins are usually attached to the electronic devices for reducing the temperature by efficient heat transfer. The fins are slender beams which can be vibrated easily by transverse force. Therefore, it is possible to increase heat transfer rate by vibrating the fins. Prior research work reported that the transverse vibration results in higher heat dissipation. However, they have focused on not the single isolated fins but the crowded fins. In this paper, the experimental investigation for vibration-assisted isolated fins is presented. The vibration is engaged by a shaker that gives external harmonic excitation force with the wide span of frequency. Also the frequency response of the fin is investigated under a room and elevated temperature of the fin. The heating power and temperature of the fin are measured for the cases with and without vibration. Thermal resistance from the heater to fin is key performance index to evaluate the heat dissipation capability. The effective vibration conditions to enhance the heat transfer are discussed. The result showed that the vibration-assisted fin dissipates more heat from the source than the non vibration-assisted one. Therefore, it can be expected that the vibration-assisted fin can be applied to improve the performance of the mobile electronics and even make longer the battery’s lifetime.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 287-290)

Edited by:

Jinglong Bu, Pengcheng Wang, Liqun Ai, Xiaoming Sang, Yungang Li






K. T. Park et al., "Study on Vibration Assisted Heat Transfer for Isonlated Fins", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 287-290, pp. 2364-2368, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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