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Authors: Bin Yang, Qin Shou Huang, Ding Ming Yuan, Jin Hua Huang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Based on the fracture mechanics, a finite element model of plane strain is employed to make a comparison analysis on the stress and strain...
Authors: Jing Lan Deng, Bing Feng
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Microwave absorbing material is currently being more and more widely applied in the world. However, conventional absorbent coating material...
Authors: Xiao Hei Liu, Zhi Dong Xia, Meng Ke Zhao, Hu Zhou, Ying Li, Guang Chen Xu, Fu Guo
New Functional Materials
Abstract:One of the main hurdles for the wide use of current Ag-filled conductive composites is the high cost of Ag fillers, while the challenge for...
Authors: Hua Ping Xu, Gao Feng Song, Xie Min Mao
New Functional Materials
Abstract:In this paper, single crystal of CuAlNiBe quaternary shape memory alloy was prepared in a high temperature gradient directional...
Authors: Alexandr Teplykh, Mikhail Golkovskiy, Anatoly Bataev, Ekaterina Drobyaz, Sergey V. Veselov, Evgeniy Golovin, Ivan A. Bataev, Aelita Nikulina
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Structure, microhardness and fracture features of coatings produced by atmospheric electron-beam cladding of amorphous boron were...
Authors: Lu Yan, Shu Zhang, Chao Zeng, Yu Hua Xue, Zhong Lou Zhou, Fan Lu, Hao Chen, Jia Qu, Li Ming Dai, Yong Liu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:In this paper, we report the first study on cytotoxicity of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) and theirs derivatives with human ocular...
Authors: Ming Ming Ma, Zhi Tong, Jia Biao Yang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:The interaction of the single azo dye, carmine with fish-sperm dsDNA is inspected in pH 3.2 H2SO4 with electrochemical...
Authors: Rong Hua Zhang, Bao Hong Zhu, Yon Gan Zhang, Biao Wu
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Heat-resistant Al-8.5Fe-1.3V-1.7Si alloys were prepared by spray forming technique. The effect of temperature on microstructure and...
Authors: Shao Hong Gao, Xian Fu Wei, Bei Qing Huang
New Functional Materials
Abstract:Digital printing ink imaging is one of main technical fields in digital printing technology development, fluorescence inkjet digital printing...
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