Advanced Materials and Processing IV

Volumes 29-30

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Asma Salman, Brian Gabbitas, De Liang Zhang, Peng Cao, Stella Raynova

Abstract: A feedstock of Ti(Al,O)-Al2O3 composite powders was produced by high energy milling of a mixture of Al and TiO2 powders followed by a...

Authors: Vijay Nadakuduru, Peng Cao, De Liang Zhang, Brian Gabbitas

Abstract: Gamma TiAl based alloys are important materials with potential applications in aerospace and automotive applications due to their high...

Authors: Aamir Mukhtar, De Liang Zhang, C. Kong, P. R. Munroe

Abstract: Cu-(2.5 or 5.0vol.%)Al2O3 nanocomposite balls and granules and Cu-(2.5vol.% or 5.0vol.%)Pb alloy powder were prepared by high energy...

Authors: Gorgees Adam, De Liang Zhang, Jing Liang, I. Macrae

Abstract: Titanium and titanium alloys are the materials of choice for many industrial applications because of their attractive combination of low...

Authors: R. Zhou, D. Wang, Jun Shen, J. Sun

Abstract: M3:2 high speed steels with and without carbon addition were prepared by using powder metallurgy at sintering temperature between 1210 and...

Authors: Peng Cao, Brian Gabbitas, Asma Salman, De Liang Zhang, Z.H. Han

Abstract: Thermal spray deposition has been widely used as a coating process for applying thin protective layers to the need-to-protect materials, or...

Authors: M.M. Islam, Ho Sung Kim

Abstract: Various manufacturing parameters involved in the ‘buoyancy method’ were inter-related. An equation based on unit cell models for a relation...

Authors: M.M. Islam, Ho Sung Kim

Abstract: The mixing required for post-mould gelatinisation of syntactic foams using starch as binder was studied. It was found that starch particles...

Authors: Marc Gaugler, Warren Grigsby, D. Harper, T. Rials

Abstract: IR chemical imaging has been used to characterise the dispersion of condensed tannin additives in a biodegradable plastic, poly(butylene...

Authors: Samaresh Ghosh

Abstract: Novel hyperbranched phenol-formaldehyde (HBPF) resin 1 has been prepared for the first time. Thorough characterizations (FT-IR, NMR, HPLC,...


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