Evaluation Method for Fabric Non-Iron Pleat Plasticity


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Fabric non-iron pleat plasticity is a shaping element of garment. In order to better grasp the performance, its quantitative evaluation method was designed in the paper. It was believed that fabric non-iron pleat plasticity was actually the crease retention of fabric, therefore, crease retention ratio was used for characterizing the fabric non-iron pleat plasticity. The results showed that, all of "PTT shape memory fabrics", PET imitation memory fabrics and cotton fabrics had higher crease retention ratios; followed by Nylon fabrics, next was silk fabrics; wool fabrics had the smallest crease retention ratios. The results proved that crease retention ratios of different kinds of fabrics differ substantially, and the index could basically reflect the non-iron pleat plasticity of different kinds of fabrics.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 291-294)

Edited by:

Yungang Li, Pengcheng Wang, Liqun Ai, Xiaoming Sang and Jinglong Bu






L. H. Zhao and F. M. Wang, "Evaluation Method for Fabric Non-Iron Pleat Plasticity", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 291-294, pp. 1263-1266, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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