Study on Trispectrum Slices for the Magnetorheological Damper


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Time series AR models (AutoRegressive models) are established with the use of the colored noise filtered by vibration signals,so as to study vibration characteristics of the magnetorheological damper under different working currents and frequencies .Because vibration signals are non-stationary and nonlinear , signal processing tool of trispectrum is introduced.The trispectrum are utilized for analyzing dynamic frequency characteristics of the magnetorheological damper. The result shows that the trispectrum slices can quantificationally describe nonlinear coupling, restrain gaussian noise and reserve phase components. Characteristics of the trispectrum is closely related to the current and frequency .The trispectrum slices can be used to describe laws of vibration system effectively.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 291-294)

Edited by:

Yungang Li, Pengcheng Wang, Liqun Ai, Xiaoming Sang and Jinglong Bu




Y. Gao and Y. J. Huang, "Study on Trispectrum Slices for the Magnetorheological Damper", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 291-294, pp. 2098-2104, 2011

Online since:

July 2011





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