Preparation and Processing of PZT Thin Film by Liquid Mist Microwave Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition


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PZT thin film was prepared on platinized Si substrates by liquid-source mist microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition. Using citric amine and ethylene glycol as chelating agent, a homogeneous, stable water solvent sol was prepared successfully, which was suitable to develop PZT thin film by LSMPECVD. From the analysis of FTIR spectra, the special functions of chelating agents were identified. It shows that this deposition process is nonuniform nucleation, the PZT thin film grew with island model. Prior to fill the blank sites on the substrate, the latter deposited PZT congregated together to reduce surface energy. The morphology and structure were characterized by SEM and XRD analysis.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 295-297)

Edited by:

Pengcheng Wang, Liqun Ai, Yungang Li, Xiaoming Sang and Jinglong Bu




J. J. Hao et al., "Preparation and Processing of PZT Thin Film by Liquid Mist Microwave Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 295-297, pp. 1747-1750, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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