Characterization of TiO2 Film Prepared by Sol-Gel Method Using Ti(OC4H9)4


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TiO2 film was dip-coated on glass substrate by a sol-gel process. Ti(OC4H9)4 was used as the titanium source. Surface morphology, crystallite phase, UV-Vis transmittance spectrum and pore size distribution of TiO2 powder prepared under the same conditions of the film were investigated. Surface of TiO2 film is fairly smooth with very slight roughness. No obvious hole or pore is found on the surface of the film. The strongest diffraction peak situated at 2θ=25.3o is the characteristic of anatase TiO2. The absorption edge of the TiO2 film is around 350 nm, while the transmittance fluctuates between 50% and 90%. The average pore size of the TiO2 particles calculated by BJH method is 23 nm. The total pore volume and specific surface area are 0.16 ml/g and 27 m2/g, respectively.



Edited by:

Tianbiao Zhang and Jerry Tian






L. L. Yang et al., "Characterization of TiO2 Film Prepared by Sol-Gel Method Using Ti(OC4H9)4", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 298, pp. 249-252, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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